Provide opportunities

To provide opportunities for the children in our local community to play football to the best of their ability. Dover House Lions (DHL) aims to provide high quality training, using qualified coaches at all levels. To further this objective DHL FC runs a programme to develop the coaches themselves.

To Help

To help the children develop life skills. Listening and learning are key elements to the training programmes which DHL FC runs from Academy level upwards.


To Provide Support

The progression between childhood and adolescence is not always a smooth transition and DHL aim to provide a support network in the community. Some individuals come from more challenging environments than others; but irrespective of background or race, support is offered to all at any point of the day or night without judgement.

Dover House Lions FC is also an outlet for some young people who have been required to do community work for whatever reason. In this respect we work with the Youth Inclusion Project ( YOT )


To Be a Springboard

Each child / young adult at the club is seen as a valued individual and we aim to build their self-confidence and work with them to provide positive career paths and to offer opportunities in as many areas as we can.



The foundation for achieving our objectives are the values of the club which we seek to instill in all of our players. These are Respect, Hard Work and Team Work.


Respect for team-mates, coaches, referees and the opposition.

Hard Work

There is no substitute for hard work in achieving ones objectives. The emphasis throughout training is on developing technique and therefore the majority of the time is spent on skill training.

Team Work

There is no star culture at DHL and all children are encouraged equally.