AIms, Values and Intentions

Doverhouse Lions’ motto is: Investors in Children.

The club has aims, values and intentions of which we try to practice at all times. Our main aim is to be an inclusive club that an individual would want to revisit; we actively seek to provide a safe and welcoming environment- A totally unique experience.

The original intention of the club was to provide football for the local children in our community, but over the last few years the goalposts have moved and we have realised what else is required of us. What we are now is a support network; a security blanket to many.

The progression between childhood and adolescence is not always a smooth transition. Some individuals come from more challenging environments than others, but irrespective of backgrounds or race, support is offered to all at any point of the day or night without judgement.

Each child/young adult is a valuable asset to Doverhouse Lions, and for this reason we will build on their self-confidence and work with them to provide positive career paths and offer opportunities in as many areas as we can.

These individuals came to our club to play the game they love so much, we will continue to enable them to do this with the best training we can possibly offer. We promise that during their time with us they will be taught football and the ability to realise that they can reach their full potential in anything they want to do.

���Ultimately we will be their springboard to choose a successful life.�������